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Abbey Street, Sep 1974 (MoC 50/75)

Abbey Street (West Side)

History of Abbey Street


Abbey Street:


Mary Ann Johnson, 46, b Cambridge


Esau Mortimer, 69, labourer gravel pit, b Suffolk

Passage Abbey Street:


Caroline Osborne, 30, dressmaker, b Cambridge


Mary Ann Aves, 32, laundress, b Cambridge


Thomas Blunt, 36, rag gatherer, b Biggleswade

Abbey Street:

(3) Edward Dockerell, 33, labourer, b London

(4) James Farrance, 41, wheelwright, b Babraham

(5) William Ward, 38, baker, b Broughton

(6) Elizabeth West, 68, laundress, b Lincs

(7) Robert Deeks, 40, labourer, b Cambridge

(8) Robert Halyer, 27, labourer excavator, b Cambridge

Abbey Place:

(1) travelling

(2) Martin McLaughton, 68, Chelsea out pensioner, b Ireland

(3) John May, 60, tailor, b Upwell

(4) Hannah Chapman, 61, formerly nurse, b Ely

(5) George Harradine, 61, labourer, b Trumpington

Abbey Street:

(17) James Preston, 63, carter, b Cambridge

(18) Rebecca Loates, 64, formerly laundress, b Cambridge

(19) Elizabeth Robinson, 50, charwoman, b Lancs

(20) Edward Adcock, 45, blacksmith, b Norfolk

(21) Robert Dicker, 56, tailor, b Sussex

(22) vacant

(23) Frederick Rowlington, 29, house painter, b Great Shelford


Thomas Snow died in 1870:

Thomas Snow, Abbey Street, 1870 (Papers held by Museum of Cambridge)

Thomas Snow, Abbey Street, 1870

Thomas Snow, Abbey Street, 1870

Thomas Snow, Abbey Street, 1870

Thomas Snow, Abbey Street, 1870

Thomas Snow, Abbey Street, 1870


(1) Court in Abbey Street

Thomas Butcher

(2) Court in Abbey Street

John Pipper

(3) Court in Abbey Street

Robert Greengrass


Edward Dockrell


Elizabeth Farrance


William Ward


William Preston


Frances Deeks


Robert Hulyer

(1) Snows Cottages

Jane Snow, 63, widow, from house property, b Histon

Elizabeth S Abbott, niece, 23, servant, b Histon

(2) Snows Cottages

James Gunn

(3) Snows Cottages

Richard Homerl

(4) Snows Cottages

Martin Coudens

(5) Snows Cottages

George William Buntin


James Preston


John Stearn


Henry Adams


Catherine Adcock

(21 & 22)

Robert Dicker


Charles Shoot


Henry Loker


  1. Mrs Eusden
  2. Daniel Watson, bricklayer’s labourer
  3. James Kent

Mutimer’s Yard

  1. William Hempstead, labourer
  2. William Chapman, labourer

4. Harry Ship, labourer

5. Edward Bailey, custodian of cabmen’s shelter

6. Mrs Shoot

7. Henry A Biggs, tailor

8. James Whittaker, labourer

9. Mrs Brown

8a. vacant

9a. Arthur Tyler, labourer

10. Aaron Vaughan, milkman

11. Frederick Morley, railway porter

12. Harry Williams, labourer

13. Harvey Cornwell, wood cutter


West side

  1. John E B Gyton

4. Mrs W James

6. Bertram Gurner

7. Sitton and Mothersole Ltd, specialists in cellulose spraying, coach painitng, sign writing etc

9a. vacant

10. Miss M E Lander

11. Mis G A Utting

12. Henry Runham

13. Alfred Peachey

The 1974 shows virtually all buildings in Abbey Street demolished as part of major development of that area south of newmarket Road


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