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Junction of Newmarket Road and Coldhams Lane 1929 (photo J S Moore)(Cambridgeshire Collection)

198 (84) Newmarket Road

History of 198 Newmarket Road

1851 unnumbered

Thomas Gunn, labourer

1861 (84)

Thomas Gunn, 51, labourer

1871 (84)

James Tarrant, 66, dog dealer

1881 (84)

Charles Shadbolt, 31, hay carter and cattle drover

1891 (84)

John Haslop, 61, bootmaker

1901 (84)

John Haslop, shoemaking


Stephen Plumb


Mike Petty (Facebook) writes:

Cambridge Slums  – Cambridgeshire Daily News August 10th 1933

Cambridge is well ahead with its slum clearance schemes.
In the Newmarket Road area there was a case for clearance near the Tabernacle but most of the people worked in the neighbourhood and if they were rehoused on the outskirts it would mean increased cost in getting to work. They had displaced 342 people and only provided homes for 218 of them: would the rest be put onto the street? There was controversy over the fate of one old lady whose house had been demolished, but it was better than leaving her in a building so dangerous it might collapse and bury her. 



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