Capturing Cambridge
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Cambridge District Nurses’ Home, 43 (239) Newmarket Road

History of 43 Newmarket Road

1901: 239 Newmarket Road

Annie E Featherstonhaugh, head, 50, living on own means, b Surrey

Walter C Hoye, head, 29, printer compositor, b Cambridge

Alice, 31, b Swavesey

Edith F, 10, b Cambridge

Annie E, 7, b Cambridge

Walter C, 6, b Cambridge

Alice M,  4, b Cambridge

Lilian V M, 1, b Cambridge



Miss Lendrum, matron


1953: Emmanuel College buys original building. Building known as Barnwell House.


1961: new block with two accommodation staircases opened, accommodating 37 students, at cost of £66,000.


1962: (43)

Fred Phillips


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