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2-20 (1 – 10) Stanley Road

History of 2 -20 Stanley Road


  1. Robert Cornwell, 67, labourer, b Bottisham Lode

2. William Saunders, 69, gardener, b Bourn

3. Alfred Chapman, 49, brickfield labourer, b Stow Cum Quy

4. John Carey, 39, labourer on Brickfield, b Cambridge

5. George Thomas Linsey, 27, poultryman, b Cambridge

[Mill Road Cemetery entry is wrong when it says he is living at 82 Stanley Road]

6. William Brooks, 30, engine driver, b Sutton

7. Martin Whistler, 52, foreman in brick works, b Norfolk

8. Thomas Duck, 52, brick & tile manufacturer, b Cambridge

9. Robert Lee, 52, gardener, b Cambridge

10. William Andrews, 36, labourer, b Essex


2. Robert Cornwell, 76, timber merchant labourer, b Bottisham

4. Arthur George, 29, widower, labourer builder, b Cambridge

6. George Brand, 29, vegetable cook at club, b Cambridge

8. John Casey, 49, labourer brick yard, b Cambridge

10. Charles J Watson, 36, destructor stoker corporation, b Cambridge

12. Harry Casey, 42, painter engineers, b Cambridge

14. Charles Chandler, 48, engine driver sewage pumping station, b Suffolk

16. C H Brown, 34, labourer steam brick works, b Cambridge

18. Frederick Hurry, 51, farrier veterinary surgeon, b Suffolk

20. Martin Whistler, 62, bricklayer’s labourer, b Norfolk


2. Robert Cornell, labourer

4. George George, plasterer

6. George Brand, college servant

8. John Casey, labourer

10. Charles Watson

12. Harry Casey

14. Alfred Rookes. labourer

16. John Lilley, labourer

18. Herbert Stevens

20. Martin Whistler, foreman at brick works


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