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Wychfield House, Huntingdon Road

History of Wychfield House

Frank Darwin bought land to the west of his mother’s house, The Grove, in 1883-4. It was called Wychfield after the magnificent wych-elm which grew near. On the other side of the Grove was Horace Darwin’s house and the Darwin children had free range over the three gardens combined.

General information about Wychfield House can be found on the Trinity Hall website:

1901 Witchfield

Francis Darwin, 52, reader of Botany and Fellow Christs College, b Kent
Anna Maria Denys, 33, parlour maid, b Yorks

Marydones E Fleaman, 37, cook, b Herts

Ann Sage Turner, 35, housemaid, b Gloucs

Josephone P Badd, 49, sewing maid, b Switzerland


John Chivers, 53, fruit grower jam manufacturer, b Histon

Emily Ann, 44, b Impington

John Stanley, 19, student, b Impington

Stephen Oswald, 12, b Impington

Rebekah Hope, 7, b Impington

Emma Catherine Mortan, boarder, 50, b Bedford

Rebecca Miller, 66, cook, b Essex

Ellen Mary Wright, housemaid, 35, b Norwich

Sarah Ellen Cook, 25, housemaid, b Reading

Wychfield Lodge:

John Peppercorn, 48, coachman, b Longstanton

Adelaide, 46, b Coton

Doris, 16, b Cambs

John, 15, chemist errand boy, b Cambs

Albert, 9, b Barton


John Chivers, Alderman of the County Council

George Horce Stearn, coachman


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