Capturing Cambridge
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119 East Road, The Britannia Inn

History of 119 East Road


Joseph Day, 48, blacksmith, b Cambridge

Matilda, 45, b Cambridge

Amy Elizabeth, 18, working at jam factory, b Cambridge

Violet Matilda, 16, b Cambridge

David, 14, b Cambridge

Percy, 11, b Cambridge

Florence, 8, b Cambridge

Matilda, 7, b Cambridge

Albert, 2, b Cambridge

Walter Ingrey, 54, wheelwright, b Harston

Thomas Wenlock, 54, blacksmith,  b Peterborough

William Thomas, 19, shot collector Cambridge Gas Works, b Wales

[William Thomas is shown on the Cambridge Gas Co. War Memorial as having died in WWI]

William Bowmen, 31,  jobbing gardener, b Cambridge



Joseph Day


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