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70 & 71 East Road, George IV

History of 70 & 71 East Road

1830 Stephen Cowell (Pigot’s)

1839 Robert Holden (Pigot’s)

1852 Thomas Holder (Slaters)


Thomas Holder, publican & broker, 39, b Hunts
Charlotte Holder, wife, 40, b Great Wilbraham
Emma Rolfe, step daughter, 13, b St Neots
Ann Rolfe, step daughter, 10, b St Neots

1869 Thomas Holder (Post Office Directory)


Thomas Holder, licensed victualler & broker, 51, b Hunts
Charlotte Holder, wife, 50, b Wilbraham
Annie Rolfe, daughter in law, milliner, 20, b St Neots
Bessie Simpkins, niece, 13, b Wilbraham

1879 Thomas Holder (Kellys)


Thomas Holder, publican, 60, b Somersham
Eliza A Holder, wife, housewife, 46, b Cambridge
Ernest Heighton, son of wife, 14, b Cambridge

1883 Arthur Smith (Kellys)

1888 Anthony Smith (Kellys)

1892 Alfred Cann (Kellys)

1896 Alfred Cann (Kellys)

1904 Mrs Sabina Cann (Kellys)

1913 George IV

Edwin Dove (Spalding)

1916 Chas Wm Aldridge (Kellys)

1933 George Munns (Kellys)



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