Capturing Cambridge
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8 Emmanuel Lane / Street

History of 8 Emmanuel Street



Henry Disbury, 29, fruitere and cloaths [sic] dealer, b Cambridge

Emma, 28, b Cambridge

William Dansdy, lodger, 50, born Suffolk

Elizabeth Dansdy, wife, 60, born Suffolk


Jane Disbury, widow, 25, cloth dealer, b Cambridge

Lucy, 3, b Cambridge

Henrietta Maria, 4m, b Cambridge

Joseph Thring [?], brother, 18, French polisher, b Cambridge

Sarah Graves, servant of all works, 21, b Haddenham


Thomas Cook, clothier


Lucy Disbury, daughter, 13, clothier assistant, b Cambridge

Emily Carter, servant, 18

Henrietta Disbury

Thomas Cooke

Mary J Cooke



John B

Ernest G

Leonard, 5 mnths


Thomas Cook, clothier

Jane, tailoress

Lucy, tailoress, 23, b Cambridge

Henrietta, tailoress, 20,

Thomas H, clothier’s assistant, 18,

Mary J, tailoress, 16,

Henry P, telegraph messenger, 15,

Alice, 14,

John B, 11,

Earnest G, 11,

Leonard, 9, b Cambridge

Martha, 8, b Cambridge

Jane, 7, b Cambridge

Edith, 6, b Cambridge

Joseph, 4,  b Cambridge


Thomas Cook


Lucy Disbury, step daughter, 32, tailoress, b Cambridge

Annie Cook, 21, tailoress, b Cambridge

Leonard Cook, 20, tailor’s apprentice, b Cambridge

Martha Cook, 19, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Jane Cook, 18, tailoress, b Cambridge

Edith Cook, 17, tailoress, b Cambridge

Joseph Cook, 14, errand boy, b Cambridge


Thomas Cook, 62, tailor, b Wilts

Joseph, 24, tailor, b Cambridge

Ethel M Matthews, 35, boarder, b Cambridge

Ernestine M Matthews, boarder, b Yorks

Lilian Taylor, 20, servant, b Cambridge

Bertha Taylor, 15, servant,  b Cambridge


Gertrude Wade, 35, widow, dressmaker, b London

Josephine, 9, b Cambridge

William Limbrick, boarder, 9,

Sydney Day, 78, widow, pensioner, b Cambridge


William M Austin, picture frame maker


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