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7 Queen Anne Terrace

7 Queen Anne Terrace


William Peile Steen,44, resident tutor and classical lecturer in University Correspondence College Cambridge, b Ireland

Ethel Louisa, 26, b London

Dorothy Peile, 5, b Cambridge

Sturton William Peile, 4, b Cambridge

Charlotte Augusta Needham, mother in law, 60, b Devon

Lily Paulden Womache, 28, governess,

Arther Brave, boarder, 17, student, b Jamaica

Edward Augustus Cuvelier, boarder, 18, student, b Kent

Archibald Davidson, boarder, 20, student, b Surrey

Robert William Leslie Oke, boarder, 17, student, b London

Goollamhorseim Ahmed Semjee, boarder, 20, student, b India

Reginald Hampton William Wilkinson, boarder, 18, student, b London

Elizabeth McCulloch, 59, servant, cook, b Somerset

Alitha Adams, 17, servant, housemaid, b Burwell


Alfred George Cracknell, 44, mathematical teacher correspondence college, b Kent

Isabella Jane, 42, b Ireland

Florence Jane Lowe, 33, sick nurse,

Lydia Carter, 25, servant, b Cambridge


Alfred George Cracknell, tutor of University Correspondence College


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