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6 Lensfield Road, The Oak

History of 6 Lensfield Road

22/6/1936: The landlord of The Oak in Lensfield Road was awakened by a terrible crash which shook the whole property. He found a Winston Smith van imbedded in the woodwork. It had been crossing the junction with Regent Street and Hills Road at about 4 a.m. when another van ran into it swinging it right round and smashing it backwards into the wooden wall of the pub. At this time of the morning the traffic lights are off and it is against the law to sound a horn or hooter. (Cam. Press)

4/12/1981: The Oak in Lensfield Road had a world-wide reputation as a centre for good Irish music. Before modernisation it was a wonderful place. Playing sessions would start up automatically on Friday nights, Saturday lunchtimes and Sundays too. But now venues for Irish music are fast disappearing in Cambridge. The demise of the Ancient Druids was another blow and the Cow and Calf on Pound Hill is virtually the only one remaining. (Cambridge News)


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