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George Weekes

61 Lensfield Road / 11 Downing Terrace

History of 61 Lensfield Road

1851 unnumbered

Thomas Drake, 57, gardener, b Norfolk

Susan, 53, b Suffolk

James, 17, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Brown, 15, servant, b Norfolk

Henry Canham, head, 21, Trinity Hall Cambridge, b Suffolk

Sarah Elizabeth Frances Canham, wife, 20,  b Suffolk

1861 (11)

Joseph Rogers, 39, clock and watchmaker, b Yorks


Matilda Abbott

Elizabeth Abbott

See Mill Road Cemetery site

1901 11 Downing Terrace

George A Weekes, 31, Fellow Sidney Sussex College clergyman, b Somerset [elected Master of Sidney Sussex in 1918]

Catherine, 45, wife, b Wales

Molly S Barber, 23, housemaid, b Coton


William King Southgate, 43, job master, b Norfolk

Mary Elizabeth, 47, b Norfolk

William Vincent, 20, b Norfolk

Mary Elizabeth, 17, b Norfolk

Samson Frederick, 15, b Norfolk

John Edwin, 12, b Norfolk

1913 Miss Young


Sidney Ludman, 74, printer’s reader retired

Harriet, b 1881

Raymon E, b 1916, flying instructor (RAFVR)

Doris Smith, b 1917, shop assistant

Frederick E Wood, b 1910, cement sales clerk

Ethel C Wood, b 1913, Burroughs operator

Phyllis Stuck, b 1917, comptometer operator


Jack Overhill records in his diary for 31.8.1940:

The siren didn’t go off in the night as I expected but it did this morning just after 8 o’clock as we were getting up. We went across the road to Mrs Ludman’s whose house is the basement type. The room was full of her lodgers and people of the neighbourhood. As I walked along the street the enemy planes were roaring right overhead and an ARP warden told be to take cover. A bomb exploded in the distance with a terrific rumble as I walked into Mrs Ludman’s kitchen. I sat on a step and did a bit of Italian and then got tired of waiting and came back home….. the siren went about twom minutes before the enemy planes went over. parker’s Piece is the nearest place on which public shelters have been built round here (those we went to in St peter’s Terrace – or near there in Trumpington Street – are really private, only being open to the public at certain hours) and the ‘Piece’ is a good five minutes walk from here.


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