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Kathleen Aquilane De Gray, 63 Lensfield Road

63 Lensfield Road / 12 Downing Terrace

History of 63 Lensfield Road

1851 unnumbered

Thomas Reeve, 29, carpenter, b Gt Shelford

Frances, 28,  b Duxford

Elizabeth, 5, b Cambridge

Marian, 3, b Cambridge

Louisa, 1, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, mother, widow, 50, b Cambridge

1861 (12)

Thomas Reeves, 39, joiner, b Gt Shelford

1901 12 Downing Terrace

Frances E Thrower, 51, living on own means, b Wilts

Agnes Wilkerson,  18, servant, b Barrington


Catherine Isabella Hills, 55, widow

Cecil Hyde Hills, step-son, 25, university student, b Cambridge

Alice Jane Williamson, sister, 60, b London

Laura Bessie Goodrum, cook, 28, cook, b Norfolk

Mahala Bawdry, 18, housemaid, b Bottisham

1913 G W Walker, FRS


1923?: Kathleen De Gray, John, Peter and Pamela

De Gray family of 63 Lensfield Road: John, mother and Peter

De Gray family, 63 Lensfield Road: Peter, Cambridge


K De Gray, Bonchurch, Bond Street 1924


Approx. 1926, 63 Lensfield Road. Katherine, Albert, John and Peter De Gray.


Peter De Gray, 1932. See 63 Lensfield Road


Peter de Gray in helmet. C.1936 see 63 Lensfield Road


Peter and John De Gray “from Cambridge 1940-43”. See 63 Lensfield Road.


De Gray ration book, 63 Lensfield Road


Mrs K A de Gray invited to Investiture at Buckingham Palace 15th February.

63 Lensfield Road, 1944

Kathleen, Albert and unknown, date unknown

63 Lensfield Road, Kathleen and Albert De Gray


Jessie A Cloudsley-Thompson

Jessie L Cloudsley-Thompson

Albert E De Gray

In 1924 Edwin was living at 53 Cherry Hinton Road

Kathleen Aquila De Gray, b Cambridge 1894 [In 1894 her family were living at 15 Cavendish Road]

Kathleen Aquilane De Gray, 63 Lensfield Road

Lewis James Gomme

Mary Gomme

In 1924 Albert Edwin De Gray was living at 53 Cherry Hinton Road

Angela De Gray, Identity Card, 63 Lensfield Road

Angela De Gray, Identity Card, 63 Lensfield Road

Angela De Gray, Clothing Ration Book, 63 Lensfield Road


A E De Gray, Sheridan and Angela, 63 Lensfield Road c.1946-47

Angela with boyfriend David, Nov.1946. Possibly Parker’s Piece or Jesus Green. See 63 Lensfield Road

November 1946. De Fray family, 63 Lensfield Road


Cambridge: John and Betty De Gray. Kathy De Gray and Angela (6), 63 Lensfield Road

August 1947, Cambridge. From left, Betty de Gray, Kathleen de Gray, Kay de Gray, Angela and cousin Sheridan, Ellis Brown.

Angela De Gray (7), second from left at back. Photo by Stearn and Sons.

Phot with Angela De Gray, see 63 Lensfield Road. Presumably King Slocombe Dance School

1947 School Report for Angela De Gray, Lindfield School

1947 School Report for Angela De Gray, Lindfield School

1947, 41 Hills Road, Doctors note for Angela De Gray

Lindfield School was in Sussex.


Death Certificate, Albert Edwin De Gray, aged 67, Chief Wages Clark, Pye Radio

Albert Edward De Gray, c.1948-1950


Letter from Pye after death of Albert De Gray, 1951

In the garden of 63 Lensfield Road

1951, 63 Lensfield, Angela and Uncle John de Gray

1951, 63 Lensfield Road, Angela (8), Jennifer Ambrose (8), Barry Fitzgerald (8).

1951, 63 Lensfield Road, Angela and Penelope Clarke, with easter eggs.

Jackson Cox invoice, 1951


Tuition fee invoice for Angela De Gray

1952 invoice for Angela Dr Gray, Lindfield School


Lensfield Road, 1953


Thomas W Constable

In 2024 AM sent this note: I lived at 63 Lensfield  Road from approximately 1946 / 7 to 1952. My grandmother Kathleen de Gray and grandfather Albert Edward de Gray who worked for Pye’s and my aunt and uncle John H.B. De Gray all resided at that address. I recall my grandmother mentioning that the great actor from Cambridge, Peter Ustinov, used to pop in and visit but I have no proof of this family connection. I do recall though that after ballet class on a Saturday morning my nana and aunt used to take me to The Dorothy for tea. Tea with real chocolate eclairs.



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