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5 Melbourne Place, Laurel House

History of 5 Melbourne Place

UK Census:


Thomas Frohock, 60, Grocer

Elizabeth Frohock, 48, not Cambs


Thomas Frohock ?, 71, Proprietor of Houses, b. Willingham, Cambs

Martha Frohock (wife), 57, b. London


Thomas Kingsnorth, 31, cook, b Cambridge

Frances, 30, b Cambridge

Fanny G, b 6, b Cambridge

Caroline, 5, b Cambridge

Louisa, 5, b Cambridge

Frank, 7 mos, b Cambridge

Emma C Shaw, 14, servant, b Over


Thomas Kingsnorth, 41, Cook, b. Cambridge

Frances Kingsnorth, 40, b. Cambridge

Fanny Ann Kingsnorth, 16, Dressmaker, b. Cambridge

Caroline Kingsnorth, 15, Milliner, b. Cambridge

Louisa Kingsnorth, 12, b. Cambridge

Frank Kingsnorth, 10, b. Cambridge

Harry F Kingsnorth, 7, b. Cambridge

Frederick Kingsnorth, 7, b. Cambridge

Alice Kingsnorth, 5, b. Cambridge

William G Kingsnorth, 3, b. Cambridge

Charles Brad Kingsnorth, 1, b. Cambridge

Arthur Gurford Kingsnorth, 8m, b. Cambridge

1874 Spalding

T Kingsnorth (sic), College Servant (Downing)


Thos Brand Kingsnorth, 51, Cook, b. Cambridge

Frances Kingsnorth, 50, b. Cambridge

Frank Kingsnorth, 20, Cook, b. Cambridge

Frederick Kingsnorth, 17, Carpenter, b. Cambridge

Wm George Kingsnorth, 13, b. Cambridge

Chas Brand Kingsnorth, 10, b. Cambridge

Alfd Ernest Kingsnorth, 8, b. Cambridge

Caroline Kingsnorth, 25, Housekeeper, b. Cambridge

Alice Kingsnorth, 15, Milliner, b. Cambridge

Note: Spaldings 1881 spells surname “Kingsworth” and has Thomas as Head Cook at Downing.


Thomas B Kingsnorth (census says Kingmorth), 61, Living on his own means, b. Cambridge

Frances Kingsnorth, 60, b. Cambridge

Frank Kingsnorth, 30, Cook, b. Cambridge

Alice Kingsnorth, 25, Milliner (Dress), b. Cambridge

Arthur Kingsnorth, 20, Grocer’s Assistant, b. Cambridge

Alfred Kingsnorth, 18, Artist (Decorative),  b. Cambridge


Henry Watt, 51, b. Barton, Nothants

Mary Watt, 52, Gardenere (domestic), b. Marford, Denbigshire, Wales

Philip Watt, 19, Stained Glass Worker, b. Rockingham, Northants

Grace Watt, 16, b. Rockingham, Northants

Normal Sen (boarder), 19, Student, b. India (foreign subject)

Akar Bose (boarder), 22, Student, b. India (foreign subject)


Alfred Ernest Hilton, 34, Assistant Grocer, b. Newmarket

Helen Eliza Hilton, Lodging Nurse Keeper, b. Sherbourne, Gloucestershire

Dorothy Helen Newman (stepdaughter), 19, Domestic Help, b. Fakenham, Norfolk

Mr Barend Jacobus Smit (lodger), 21, Science Student, b. South Africa (Nationalised British subject)

Charles Denson (lodger), 47, Tailor Shopkeeper, b. Waterbeach


Mrs Newman


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