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7 Melbourne Place

History of 7 Melbourne Place

UK Census:


Ada L Besmeres, 30, Independent, b. Clapham

Ada L Besmeres (daughter), 10, b. Limehouse, Middlesex

Elizabeth J Besmeres, 9, b. Limehouse, Middlesex

Frances (daughter), 4, b. Stratforf, Essex

Walter, 2, b. Cheswell St, Middlesex

Charles, 11m, b. Islington. Middlesex

Martha Sargant, 18, Servant, b. Little Abington, Cambs


Frederick Haywood, 40, Bookseller’s Clerk, b. Cambridge

Sarah Ann Haywood, 42, b. Little Swaffham

Frederick W Haywood, 11, b. Cambridge

Arthur Haywood, 10, b. Cambridge

Albert E Haywood, 8, b. Cambridge

Walter Haywood, 4, b. Cambridge

Sarah Anne Saylor, 14, Servant, b. Chesterton

Emily Furbauk, 40, Lodger, Annuitant, b. Cambridge

Sarah Smyth, 37, Lodger, Annuitant, b. Cambridge


Alfred John Darby, Machinist


Alfred John Darby, 42, Printer Machine, Minder, b. London

Sarah Maria Darby, 45, b. Cambridge

Florence Jane B Darby, 16, Milliner, b. Cambridge

Sarah Eliza Darby, 14, b. Cambridge

George Alf Darby, 8, b. Cambridge

Ernest Bailieux Darby, 6, b. Cambridge

Percy Chas Fredc Darby, 4, b. Cambridge

Lambert Francis Darby, 11m, b. Cambridge


Arthur King at “7 & 8”


George G Raynes, 27, Banker’s Clerk, b. Cambridge

Flora G Raynes, 23, b. Cambridge

Bertha Searle, 14, Servant, b. Comberton, Cambs


Matthias B Newham, 36, College Servant, b. Melton Mowbray, Leics

Emily Newham, 37, b. London


Ernest J Marchant, 35, Draper’s Shopwalker, b. Downham, Norfolk

Gertrude S Marchant, 38, b.Downham, Norfolk

Ernest Cecil Marchant, 8, b. Chesterton, Cambridge

Herbert Stanley Marchant, 4, b. Cambridge


Ernest J Marchant


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