Capturing Cambridge
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33 Parkside

33 Parkside (11)

History of 33 Parkside


Mary E Green, 56, schoolmistress, b London [This is almost certainly the Miss Mary Greene whose Wednesday drawing class Gwen Raverat attended as described in Period Piece p.62f]

Catherine A, sister, schoolmistress, b Duxford

Lois Barker, 24, cook, b Ely

Alice Hall, 20, housemaid, b Cambs

Mary Seed, 34, governess, b Cambs

Anne Baker, 20, governess, b Germany

Edith G Susman, 20, governess, b Worcs

Maria Tegge, 28, governess, b France

Evelyn K Savory, 17, pupil, b Norfolk

Mary B Glass, 18, pupil, b Ireland

Mary A James, 17, pupil, b Herts

L B Legg, 17, pupil, b France

Ada M O’connor, 17, pupil, b France

Lilian L S Warren, 16, pupil, b Cambs

Muriel E Baker, 15, pupil b Suffolk




1913: (11)

The Hon Mrs MacMichael


East Anglian Regional Hospital Board (architect’s dept)


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