Capturing Cambridge
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(33) Regent Street

History of 33 Regent Street


Sarah Camp, 33, dealer in Berlin wool, b Herts

Flora Bowtell, dressmaker, 17, b Cambridge



Ann Camp, 40, Berlin Fancy Repository, b Herts

Annie E, niece, 16, assistant, b Herts

Emma S, visitor, 18, b Herts

Hannah Shamklin, 14, servant, b Northants

Berlin work, fancy work in Berlin wool, worsted embroidery; Berlin wool, a fine dyed wool used for knitting, tapestry, and the like (OED)



Edward Camp, 60, retired grocer, b Herts

Eliza, 54, b Cambs

Emma S, daughter, 28, dealer in fancy goods, b Herts

Eliza A, 26, dealer in fancy goods, b Herts

Jane M, 24, dealer in fancy goods, b Herts

Edward W, 18, draper’s assistant, b Herts

Annie S Giffin, niece, 18, draper’s assistant, b Herts

Emma Dickinson, 15, servant, b Herts



Eliza A Wilson, widow, 59, living on own means, b Meldreth

Bessie C Kenzie,  niece, 23, dressmaker, b Fowlmere

Minnie Kenzie, 19, draper’s assistant, b Fowlmere

Frank Searle, boarder, 25, tailor’s cutter, b Berks

Ann Algood, servant, 13, b Coton


1901: vacant


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