Capturing Cambridge
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86 (28) Regent Street

History of 86 Regent Street

1851: (28)

James Hammond, 50, coach maker, b Norfolk

Susanna, 50, b Norfolk

James, 21, coach maker, b Norfolk

Anne, 18, b Cambridge

John, 16, cook’s assistant, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 14, b Cambridge

Phillip H, 13, apprentice draper, b Cambridge

Hannah H, 8, b Cambridge

Eliza Spalding, servant, 26, b Bottisham

Thomas N Lewis, head, 21, undergraduate Emmanuel College, b Wilts

(28 1/2)

William Goodliff, 32, draper, b Hunts

Elizabeth, 37, b Essex

Elizabeth, 2, b Cambridge

Emily, 9 mos, b Cambridge

Emily Giblin, 33, landed proprietor, b Essex

Anne Wiffer, servant, 23, cook, b Linton

Lucy Wiffer, 14, housemaid, b Linton

(28 3/4)

Paul E Grundy, 31, hatter, b Middlesex



James Hammond, coachmaker


James, 32, teacher of music

Elizabeth Mary, 25

Philip Henry, draper’s assistant

Edmund J Wood, lodger, 29, student Emmanuel College, b Australia

Harriet Furbank, 16, b Fulbourn

Hannah H Hammond, 19, b Cambridge



Catherine Freeman, 68, annuitant, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Coe, cousin, 73, annuitant, b Cambridge

Mary Robinson, servant, 70, cook, b Horningsea

Sarah E Debock, 33, nurse, b Kent

Rose Robinson, 15, housemaid, b Horningsea



Catherine Freeman

Mary A G Coe, 54, annuitant, b London

Eliza J Coe, 52, annuitant, Essex

Hannah Hall, 35, servant, b Haslingfield

Sarah Hall, 39, servant, b Haslingfield

Mary A Mansfield, 20, servant, b Cambridge



Mary A G Coe, 65, living on own means

Eliza J, sister, living on own means

Hannah Hall, 46, cook, b Haslingfield

Phoebe Creek, 18, housemaid, b Comberton


1901: (28)

Mary A G Coe

Hannah Hall, cook

Phoebe Creek, housemaid



Mary Ann Gibson Coe, 85, lodging house keeper, b London

Hannah Hall, servant

Phoebe Creek, housemaid



Miss M A G Coe


Martin, Rata and Co accountants

J H Y Filby postage stamp dealer

Miss I E Day fruiterer


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