Capturing Cambridge
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89 (56) Regent Street, Devonshire House

History of 89 Regent Street

1861: (56)

Emilius Bayley, 37, rector of St George’s Bloomsbury, b London

Marianne, 35, b Kent

Claude V C, 5, b Kent

Blanche O M, 4, b London

Wilfred E, 1, b London

Charles Sinclair, 19, footman, b Kent

Mary Warne, 41, nurse, b Hants

Mary Taylor, 23, under nurse, b Lincs

Hannah Baker, 24, lady’s maid, b Suffolk

Mary Ann Perry, 23, cook,  b Devonshire

Sarah Ann Sheldrick, 20, house maid, b Whittlesford


1901: (56)

George Matthew, 45, solicitor, b Cambridge

Norah, 25, wife, b Cambridge

Amelia Parker, 24, housemaid, b Cottenham

Rosanna Whitmore, 28, cook, b Wicken

Mabel M Childs, 20, housemaid, b Coton


1913: (89)

Bartlett and Ramsey, dentists

A C Bartlett

C F Rumsey



Cyril Farris, dental surgeon

Eric Horne, dental surgeon

D J Wicker, dental surgeon


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