Capturing Cambridge
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3 St Peter’s Terrace, Trumpington Street

History of St Peter's Terrace


John B Bradbury, 50, physician, b Yorks

Jane, 50, b Lincs

Katharine E, 27, b Cambridge

Eliza Jane Bovey, 34, b Longstone Cambs

Susanna Buckle, 36, b New Buckenham Norfolk

Emma Eliz Ayres, 14, b Cambridge





Charles Thomas Heycock, 52, university lecturer metallurgy, b Bourne

Caroline Elizabeth Rose, 52, b Wilts

Katherine Olive, 21, daughter, b Cambridge

Emily Bertha Gayner, 24, daughter, married, b Cambridge

Laura Stallard, 26, parlourmaid, b Brighton

Lilly Sharpe, 24, cook, b Cambridge

Lillie Potter, 18, housemaid, b Cambridge

Lilly Mary Glasscock, 17, house domestic, b Grantchester

Francis Charles Heydon Gayner, 2, grandson, b Surrey

Robert Heycock Gayner, 1, grandson, b Surrey


Further information about Charles Heycock:


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