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7 St Peter’s Terrace, Trumpington Street

History of 7 St Peter's Terrace

Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959: the site was advertised to let on building leases for a term of forty years in the Cambridge Chronicle for 30 Nov. 1850, plans and elevations being prescribed; application was to be made to Elliot Smith. In St Peter’s Terrace the revived Roman and the contemporary styles are combined with virtuosity and much logic in a street-front of architectural distinction.


Edith Percy Phelps, 65, private means, b Cambridge

Charles Henry Loraine Phelps, brother, 56, timber merchant, b Cambridge

Lottie Antrobus Phelps, sister in law,  b Worcs

Verona Almire Phelps, niece, 15, b Cambridge

Alice Mary Brettell, visitor, 44, private means, b Worcs

Harriet Page, servant, 80, ladies maid, b Fulbourn

Anne Lydia Buttress, 32, cook, b Fulbourn

Harriet James Wilderspin, 28, housemaid, b Lolworth

Lilian Alice Tiplady, 18, under housemaid, b Cambridge


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