Capturing Cambridge
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9 Scroope Terrace, Trumpington Street

History of 9 Scroope Terrace


M A P Prest, 51, wife, b Kent



Thomas George Bonney, 77, clergyman Established church, b Staffs

Elizabeth Johnstone, servant, 56, cook, b Lancs

Lydia Pont, 25, house parlourmaid, b Landbeach

Bertha Butler, 17, undermaid, b Swaffham Bulbeck


Thomas George Bonney (1833-1923) was a distinguished geologist. In 1868 he was appointed tutor at St John’s College. From 1877 – 1901 he was professor of geology at University College London. In 1887 he was appointed an honorary canon of Manchester cathedral. Lake Bonney in Antarctica is named after him.


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