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214 Chesterton Road

History of 214 Chesterton Road

Listed building:

214 Chesterton Road, designed in 1971 by Marcial Echenique for himself, is designated at Grade II for the following principal reasons:

*Architectural interest: it is an economical and sustainable example of a private house built at a time of rising materials and building labour costs, resulting in a larger house than could have been achieved for the same cost using traditional construction;

*Innovation: it is a structurally creative and experimental house, representing an innovative interpretation of the traditional timber-framed house in its use of light-weight, off-the-peg building components which are visually expressed throughout the building;

*Plan form: it has a fascinating live-work plan exemplified by a double-height living room with book shelving which is accessed via a balcony leading to a small adjacent office.


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