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Garden Walk

History of Garden Walk Cambridge

Locating the addresses of those mentioned as living on Garden Walk before 1901 is problematic as there is no continuity of inhabitants between 1891 and 1901 and the properties in the 1891 and 1881 censuses are not named or numbered.

The 1886 map shows a number of properties:

1886 OS Map Garden Walk

These appear to be:

on the east side nos. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 38 (Westbury Lodge) and 40 (Green End)

on the west side nos. 7,9,11,13, 23 (Glynn House), 31 (Das Heim), 33 (Lindum). In addition there is a large property away from the road at the back of where 37 (Merrivale) and 39 (Rathvale) were later situated, and a large house further north, also away from the road, which I assume to be no. 63 (The Haven).

Assigning families to these houses is difficult unless evidence other than that in the censuses comes to light. For that reason the earlier census information will be put on this general page for Garden Walk. [RGL 2019]


Robert C Allwood,  51 bricklayer, b Impington

Ann, 55, b St Neots

Joseph C, 28, bricklayer, b Cambridge

Eleanor M, 25, dressmaker, b Chesterton

Annie R, 21, dress machinist, b Chesterton

Sarah P, 18, b Chesterton


Richard A Johnson, 36, independent minister without charge, b Essex

Eliza B, b 31, b London

Arthur T, 4, b Lincs

Hilda M, 3, b Essex

Lewis A, 1, b Cambridge

Ada Lewis, servant, 20, b Caxton


Charlotte Gedge, 35, wife of GER signalman, b Suffolk

Eleanor, 14, dressmaker, b Suffolk

Mary S, 11, b Madingley

Annie, 10, b Madingley

Charles, 8, b Coton

James H, 6, b Chesterton

Charlotte J, 5, b Chesterton

Ruth, 2, b Chesterton

Esther, 1, b Chesterton

John Newman, lodger, gardener, 33, b Madingley

Thomas Holmes, lodger, 21, college cook’s porter


William Hawkes, 31, plumber’s labourer, b Northampton

Hannah, 31, b Balham

Reuben, 11, b London

Sydney, 9, b Lambeth

Owen, 7, b London

Alice, 6, b Middlesex

Jonas, 2, b Middlesex


John Bradford, widower, 50, college cook, b Cambridge

John G, 22, cook, b Cambridge

Francis D, 14, b Cambridge

Sarah Rowell, 35, housekeeper, b Cambs


Philip Boon, 36, cordwainer, b Cambridge

Martha, 35, b Cambridge

Lydia M, 4, b Cambridge

Alice, 2, b Cambridge


George Moore, 33, french polisher, b Suffolk

Emma, 32, b Cambridge

Ellen A, 7, b Chesterton

George, 5, b Chesterton

Alice E, b Chesterton

William F, 7 mos, b Chesterton


Augustus L Stokes, 34, clergyman of the Church of England without cure of souls, b London

Alice, 26, b Staffs

John L, 3 mos, b Chesterton

Abigail Day, 20, servant, b Suffolk

Elizabeth M Baker, 18, servant, b Essex


Samuel Kettle, widower, cook, b Suffolk

Arthur, 21, cook, b Cambridge

Sarah Collins, 25, servant, b Herts


Jonas Hawkes, 52, coachman, b Northants

Mary, 54, b Oxon

Thomas, 22, waiter, b London

Agnes, 17, servant, b London

William J, 16, candle, b Bucks

Elizabeth, 13, b Bucks

Gertrude, 9, b Cambridge

Charles Freestone,  24, porter, b Cambridge


Robert E Mizen, 37, gardener, b Essex

Ann, 40, b Reach

Ellen J, 7, b Cambridge

Peter, 4, b Dry Drayton



Ann Allwood, head, widow, b St Neots

Eleanor M, 35, dressmaker, b Chesterton

Annie R, 31, dressmaker, b Cambridge

Annie Sprague, boarder, 15, b Newmarket


William T Pye, 46, scientific instrument maker, b London [His son William George Pye and his grandson Harold were the founders of Pye Radio]

Elizabeth, 44, b London

Lizzie A, 24, school mistress, b London

Blanche J, 23, b London

Henry, 17, scientific instrument maker, b London

Frederick W, b London

Helen P, 6, b Chesterton

Edith R, 4, b Chesterton


Charlotte Gedge, 43, b Suffolk

Charles, 19, news agent, b Coton

James H, 17, butcher, b Cambridge

Ruth, 12, b Cambridge

Esther, 10, b Cambridge

David, 8, b Cambridge

William A, 6, b Cambridge

Henrietta, 4, b Cambridge

Arthur G, 2, b Cambridge

John Newman, lodger, 40, gardener, b Madingley


William Ward, 33, bricklayer, b Chesterton

Agnes, 32, laundress

Arthur, 8, b Chesterton

Ethel, 5, b Chesterton

William, 18 mons, b Chesterton

Julia Smith, 12, servant, b Chesterton


Charles S Palmer, 30, hatter and hosier, b Cambridge

Alice H, 23, b Norwich

Elizabeth Palmer, 20, domestic servant, b Ditton


David Jude, 44, carman, b England

Rhoda, 41, b England

James, 16, upholsterer, b England

Harriet, 13, shirt maker, b Chesterton

Nelly, 12, b Chesterton

Walter, 11, b Chesterton

Rhoda, 9, b Chesterton

Mabel, 7, b Chesterton

Bertha, 5, b Chesterton

Arthur, 2, b Chesterton

infant son, 6 mos, b Chesterton


Samuel Rettle, 56, college cook, b Norfolk

Rebecca, 58, b Lincoln

William J Bamber, son, 22, photographer’s assistant

Mary Ann Layton, servant, 20, b Wicken


Augustus Stokes, 46, clerk in Holy Orders and inspector of schools, b Middlesex [Augustus was a Canon of Ely Cathedral and a Diocesan Inspector of Schools.]

Alice, 36, b Stafford

John L, 10, b Chesterton

Etheldreda, 8, b Chesterton

Dorothy, 6, b Chesterton

Alice M, 4, b Chesterton

Edmund Harold, 2, b Chesterton [Canon Stokes was appointed parish priest of Our Lady and the English Martyrs in 1946. He was educated at Wisbech Grammar School 1898-1905 and in Leeds. He worked first for the Great Northern Railway Company in Doncaster. He converted to catholicism in 1908 and was ordained in 1924. He was parish priest of King’s Lynn from 1926-46]

Leonard, 7 mos, b Chesterton

Helen L Hill, cousin, 32, b Shropshire

Christina M Ferrie, 22, governess, b Scotland

Elizabeth Rutherford, 23, servant, b Suffolk

Emily Watts, 16, nurse, b Yorks


Frederick Wallman, 47, college servant, b Cambridge

Annie H, 45, college servant, b Cambridge

John, 25, college servant, b Cambridge

Annie, 22, b Cambridge

Jane, 20, b Cambridge

Maud, 14, b Cambridge

Gertrude, 8, b Cambridge

Mary, 5, b Cambridge

Fred, 11, b Cambridge


Harriet Fish, 46, b Norfolk

Clarice, 22, b Norfolk

George E, 8, b Norfolk

Olive E, b Norfolk


Harry Richardson, 25, college clerk, b Cambridge

Phebe, 25, b Milton

Walter, 4, b Chesterton

Victor, 2, b Chesterton

William Coulson, nephew, 19, stationary engine driver, b Cambridge


Philip Boon, 46, boat clicker [?}, b Cambridge

Marsha, 45, b Cambridge

Lydia M, 14, b Cambridge

Alice, 12, b Chesterton

Percy, 7, b Chesterton

John, 5, b Chesterton


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