Capturing Cambridge
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80 (39) Milton Road

History of 80 Milton Road


Charles W Hills, 62, registrar and vac. officer, b Cambridge

Alice, 32, b Cambridge

Ethel, 26, b Cambridge

Evelyn, 22, milliner, b Cambridge

Nora, 17, draper’s assistant, b Cambridge

Winifred, 19, draper’s assistant, b Cambridge



Harry Booth, 54, tailor coal hand, b March

Mary Anne, 49, b Suffolk

Percy Arthur C, 24, plumber, b Cambs

Albert, 21, wholesale grocers assistant, b Chesterton

Harry, 16, assistant at engineering, b Chesterton

Amy, 20, confectioner’s assistant, b Chesterton

Louisa May, 12, b Chesterton

Lilian Grace, 10, b Chesterton



H Booth, tailor


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