Capturing Cambridge
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82 (40) Milton Road, Donreath

History of 82 Milton Road


William Thomas Pye, 53, scientific instrument maker, b London

Elizabeth, 48, b London

Helen Phoebe, 18, school teacher, b Cambridge

Edith Rose, 16, b Cambridge



Frank Alfred Dalton, 44, bootmaker, b Cambridge

Maud Mary, 42, b Cambridge

Dorothy Maud Jette, daughter, 19, dairy assistant, b Chesterton

Beryl May, 17, lady clerk, b Chesterton

James Ellis, 14, b Chesterton

Charles Frank, 13, b Chesterton

Lilian Irene, 11, b Chesterton

Violet Hayden, 9, b Chesterton

Victor Alfred, 7, b Chesterton



Frank Dalton, boot maker


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