Capturing Cambridge
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84 (41) Milton Road, West View

History of 84 Milton Road

1901: (41)

Henry Keeping, curator of geol. museum


Edward, 18, tailor’s assistant, b Cambridge

Harold, 17, clerk GNR, b Cambridge

Cyril, 14, b Cambridge

Gordon, 10, b Cambridge

Edith, 24, b Cambridge


1911: (84)

Henry Keeping, 84, curator of Sedgwick Museum, b Hants

Ellen Sanders, 62, b Royston

Elsie Hilda, 32, b Cambridge

Herbert Henry, 30, library assistant University library, b Cambridge

For more information about the Keeping family see the Mill Road cemetery web site.


1913: West View

Henry Unwin

George F Unwin, water rate collector


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