Capturing Cambridge
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By Dormskirk - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

106 Cherry Hinton Road

History of 106 Cherry Hinton Road


(greengrocer’s shop no number)

Thomas Burr.

Fanny M

May R, 10, born Kent

Stewart A

Stanley T


(Greengrocer Cherry Hinton Road)

Thomas Burr, 46, greengrocer, born Kent

Fanny Maria, 46, assisting in business, born Kent

Stewart Alfred, 17, draper apprentice, born Kent

Stanley Thomas, 15, born Kent

Donald Kennett, 5, born Cambridge

Sarah Hardman, lodger, 79, private means, born Cambridge

Stanley Thomas Burr joined up as a Sergeant in B Coy 1st Cambridgeshire Regiment. He went to France in 1915 and was wounded twice. He was taken prisoner on 27th March 1918 and mentioned in dispatches in December the same year.

Stuart Alfred Burr was acting Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant in the 1st Cambridge Regiment. He served in France 1915.


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