Capturing Cambridge
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129 Cherry Hinton Road, 1 Victoria Terrace

History of 129 Cherry Hinton Road


Charles Mudge, 49, carpenter, born Devon

Ellen, 49, born Middlesex

Ellen, 21, dressmaker,   born Middlesex

Fred William, 18, page, born Middlesex

Francis George, 16, grocer’s assistant, born Middlesex

Henry Jos, 15, errand boy, born Middlesex

Alicia M May, 11, born Middlesex

Ada Louise, 8, born Cambridge

Kate Elizabeth K, 6, born Cambridge


George Frost, 45, coachman domestic, born Yorks

Mary, 45, born Cambs

Arthur, 19, telegraph engineer, born Cherry Hinton

William 13, born Cherry Hinton


Maria Spencer, 74, widow, retired trader woman, born Norfolk

Harriet Howston, sister, 65, single, private means, born Norfolk



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