Capturing Cambridge
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44 Cherry Hinton Road, Hollingford (5)

History of 44 Cherry Hinton Road


(5 Cherry Hinton Road)

Constance J Cross, 56, author of fiction, born Cambridge

Harriet Hulyer, 16, general servant, born Cambridge


(5 Cherry Hinton Road)

Constance Jane Cross, 66, private means, born Cambridge

Caroline Agnes Flavell, visitor, 69, private means, born Norfolk

Mary Louisa Brown, servant, 55, general servant, born Cambridge

Constance Cross wrote:

‘Jimmy’s Lie’ 1877

‘The fool of Arley’ 1892

‘Sailor Jack: A Tale of the Southern Seas’ 1888

‘The River Waif’ 1885

‘Stanley’s Summer Visit’ 1882



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