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Cherry Con Club

Glen Villa/Cherry Hinton Constitutional Club, ‘Cherry Cons’

History of Cherry Hinton Constitutional Club


(Glen Villa)

William Archer, 48, builder, born Cherryhinton

Emma, 47, born Cherryhinton

Frederick, 20, cycle maker, born Cherryhinton

Percy, 18, pawnbroker’s assistant, born Cherryhinton

Herbert, 17, carpenter, born Cherryhinton

Mary A., 21, dressmaker, born Cherryhinton

Elizabeth, 14, milliner’s apprentice, born Cherryhinton

Mildred, 10,


(Cherry Hinton Constitutional Club)

Edwin Arthur Whittingstall, 32, club steward & traveller automatic machines, born Kent

Gertrude Maud, 30, born Kent

Arthur W H, 8, born Kent

The Cherry Hinton Constitutional Club started out as a Conservative working men’s club. It originally met in a private house but shortly before the First World War two houses were joined together to form the present club premises.

Tony Whitmore, a local builder, has been a long standing member of the ‘Cherry Cons.’ In 2016 he talked about its organisation, membership and activities:


Sources: Cambridge News (Cambridgeshire Collection)


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