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St Peter ad Viculam, Coveney c.1929 (Cambridgeshire Collection)

St Peter ad Vincula, Coveney

History of St Peter ad Vincula


CDN 13th October : A beautiful white marble monument, standing some ten feet high was taken to be erected in Covenet churchyard. The rector refused to admit it, as he said its shape, an obelisk, was so heathen and that the words “Peace, perfect peace’ were not suitable. However he allowed the mason to place it in the enclosure and after it had laid there some 100 days some good friends of the deceased assisted in erecting it in the early hours of the morning. There it remained for twelve weeks, when the rector, with the assistance of another, hurled it down. He was caught in the act by two women.


CDN 7th June : Coveney obelisk has been re-erected in the parish churchyard at the spot where it stood before being overthrown by order of the rector. Amid the peacefulness of the notorious little burial ground it is hard to imagine the controversy and ill-feelings which for some time raged and which culminated in litigation. On Monday the monument was erected in its proper position whilst the Rector watched the operations without raising any objections.


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