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Commercial End, Swaffham Bulbeck, date unknown

Commercial End, Swaffham Bulbeck

History of Commercial End, Swaffham Bulbeck

In the photo the cottages on the right are known as Knights Cottages. (2022)

Commercial End, Swaffham Bulbeck OS 1902

Commercial End was once a major centre for trade. In medieval times chalk and clunch were an important part of the economy.

Articles about the history of Commercial End can be found in the Parish Magazine:

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Oct 2023 Part Two of History of Commercial End

Sep 2023 Part One of History of Commercial End

1866 A Harding recalled his childhood in the area about 1866 in the CDN 14.5.1938: It was not known to me then as Commercial End. It was known to us in that part of the village as ‘Down Street’, and the other end, where is Stock’s Hill and the church as ‘Up’ Street. Something like 100 years back a great flow of merchandise came up to Swaffham Lode by barges and small boats drawn by horses, and some sails, and a few by steam power and unloaded their various consignments at the merchant’s yard which I went into many times. It had large sheds and warehouses, now no more, where coal, turf, timber, fossils, corn etc were stored until claimed. The barges were reloaded and took things away. Commercial End has not for many years had very much that is outstanding, but I have never forgotten the goodwill that existed among the folk.

Commercial End, Swaffham Bulbeck, 1926 (photo R T Bellamy) (Cambridgeshire Collection)

Commercial End, Swaffham Bulbeck (MoC101/57)

Swaffham Bulbeck Commercial End 21.4.1932 (MoC68/5)

Crypt of cell of Anglesea Abbey at Commercial End (MoC257/54)

Commercial End, Swaffham Bulbeck (MoC256/54) location unknown

Remains of Caw???, Commercial End, Swaffham Bulbeck (MoC258/54) location unknown

Cottages at Commercial End, Swaffham Bulbeck (MoC254/54) location unknown



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