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Cottage, wardy Hill, 1930 (photo W M Palmer) (Cambridgeshire Collection)

Cottage, Main Street, Wardy Hill

History of the cottage at Wardy Hill

According to Vanishing Cambridgeshire, this was the home of David Cox, who according to a local poem, had four wives. (See H. Painter, Sutton-in-the-Isle, 1980). In the poem David Cox is supposed to have married again at the age of 91!

In 2023 AS sent an email that clarified the mystery surrounding Mr Cox:

Old David Cox of Wardy Hill was born 2nd February 1739 place not known.
1738 Married Ann Friend, (1743-1829)
1829 Married Sarah Palmer. (1766-1832)
1833 Married Mary Gothard, (1770-1833)
1833 at the age of 94 he Married Mary Ann Thimbleby, b.1775.
David died 23 December 1840, age 100 years and 10 months.
From Coveney church registers.
He was a 4x Great Grandfather of mine.


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