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Photo by Simon Middleton 2022

68 (34 & 36) (17 & 18 & 19) Mill Road

Meadowsweet Dairy, Peppercorns, Damasbridge and others

Census Info and Timeline

1861: (17 – 19)
(17) William Branon [sic], 43, printer, b London
(18) Benjamin Rivers, 39, G E R guard, b Suffolk
(19) Henry Pilgrim, 37, blacksmith, b Norfolk

1871: (17 – 19)
(17) William Brannan, 53, printer compositor, b London
(18) Henry Pilgrim, 49, blacksmith, b Norfolk
(19) Sarah Pilgrim, wife, 46, b Bottisham

1881: (17 – 19)
(17) William Hawkes Brannan, 63, printer reader, b Middlesex
(18) Henry Pilgrim, 58, blacksmith to builder, b Norfolk
(19) Benjamin Reeve, master carpenter and joiner, b Norfolk

1891: (34 & 36)
32, 34 and 36 were all occupied by the same family
Ethel Warnes, 14, daughter, scholar, b Cambs

1901: (68)
Frank Bates, 34, grocer’s manager, b Bucks

Meadowsweet Dairy Co.
Goodwin Foster Brown Ltd, proprietors
Frank Bates, manager

Meadowsweet Dairy, grocers
Alfred Wilkinson

The Wilkinson family took over the Meadowsweet in 1916. Alfred came as a manager from Yorkshire in 1916. Alfred finally bought the business in 1930.


Meadow Sweet Dairy Co. Ltd

Meadowsweet Dairy

Courtesy of the Wilkinson family

Courtesy of the Wilkinson family

Courtesy of the Wilkinson family

Alfred Wilkinson was manager of the Meadowsweet Dairy from 1919 to 1972. He was also secretary of the Gladstone Liberal Club from 1923 to 1939 (see the Sturton Town Hall building report).

Courtesy of the Wilkinson family

1995. Out to Lunch

Photo by Tessa MacDermott

1998. The Sandwich Gallery

Courtesy of Ann Horn and the Suzy Oakes Collection


Courtesy of Ann Horn and the Suzy Oakes Collection

2014: Café de Paris

68 Mill Road (2014 David Betts)

2019: Café Remy

Remy’s, June 2019. Photo by Pam Wesson.

2020: Damasbridge

Damasbridge, September 2020. Photo by Mary Naylor.

Damasbridge, summer 2020. Photo by Pam Wesson.

Damasbridge Interior 2020, photo by Kate Collins

The name of their café, Damasbridge, was chosen by the two bothers who run it to stress the links between Damascus, where they lived before and Cambridge. The large painting on the café wall, painted by Mouna Alrayes, shows The Al Omani mosque in Damascus linked by the Bridge of Sighs to Kings College Chapel and other churches in the city. The painting below it, of a similar theme, was done by a young relative.

2022: Mr Taco

Photo by Simon Middleton 2022


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