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S H Rowley - Abbey Farm, Histon

Abbey Farm, Histon

History of Abbey Farm

Abbey Farm, Histon

Smith Howlett Rowley (1841 – 1930) was a farmer, and one of the principal landowners in Histon. He was also a magistrate, parish warden, poor law guardian and councillor. He was born in Trumpington but lived at Abbey Farm, Histon, for much of his adult life. The 1881 census records him as a farmer of 400 acres employing 15 men and 10 boys; following censuses list him merely as ‘farmer’. He married Grace Emmeline Balls in 1864 and they had 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls.

Object Spotlight: The Jacket and Helmet of S.H. Rowley

1871 Abbey Farm

Smith Howlett Rowley, 29

[In 1861 Smith H Rowley was living with his family on Church Street, Harston]


Edith Flora, 5, b Histon

William, 3, b Histon

Grace Mable, 1, b Histon

Mary Ann Maris, 25, housemaid

Susan Beran, 29, nursemaid, b London

Alice Reeves, 21, cook, Bottisham

Richard Gawthrop, 20, farm servant, b Histon

1881 Manor Farm [?]

Smith H Rowley, 39, farmer of 400 acres employing 15 men and 10 boys

Grace E

Frederick W

Mary M

Sidney Rowley, 1, b Histon

Harriet Wright, 33, cook,  b Milton

Sarah Austin, 20, housemaid, b Shelford

Annie Braines, 19, nursemaid, b Lincs

1891 Abbey Farm

Smith H Rowley, 49, farmer

Grace E

William, 23, land agent articled pupil, b Histon

Grace M, 21, b Histon

Frederick C, 19, locomotive engineers apprentice,

Mary M, 17, b Histon

Sidney S, 11, b Histon

Mary A Green, 18, housemaid, b Little Abington

Ellen Mulberry, 19, cook, b Meldreth


Smith Howlett Rowley, 69, farmer, b Trumpington

Grace Emmeline, 68, b Cambridge

Frederick Charles, 39, motor engineer, b Histon

Mary Mildred, 37, b Histon

Sidney Smith, 31, assisting in farm, b Histon

Mary Amelia Rowley, 20, cook domestic, b Swaffham

Rose Evelyn Bateman, 20, housemaid, b Coton

1913 Smith Howlett Rowley

Abbey Farm, Histon



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