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James Street c.1970, no.23 Morley (MoC26a/89/70)

James Street (south end) nos. 14-32

History of James Street



Frederick Furbank, 28, tailor, b Cambridge

Mary, 27, b London

Constance A, 4, b Cambridge

Alex Buist, 23, boarder,  stone mason, b Scotland

In 1896 Frederick Charles Furbank married Mary Rutherford in Chesterton.

Photographs which the Museum of Cambridge hold, seem likely to be of their family – of the wedding group in 1896, the wedding reception and of the couple with their child Constance, aged about 3, circa 1900. Any further ideas and information about this family welcomed.

Furbank family (MoC 2.1 871/86)

Furbank family (MoC 2.1 871/86)

Furbank family (MoC 2.1 871/86)



(14) Mrs C Rider

James Cottages:

(1) Mrs E Morgan

(2) Ernest Chamberlain, labourer

(3) –

(4) Miss Fisher

(15) Arthur Etheridge, baker

(16) Mrs E Laughton

(17) Dennis Brown, shoemaker

Pear Tree Cottages:

(1) George Thurbon, labourer

(2) Arthur Shadbolt, labourer

(3) George Fordham, painter

(18) Frederick W Halford, painter and paper hanger

(19) William Laughton, tailor

(20) Alfred John Pilsworth, tailor

(20a) James Leighton, brewer’s labourer

(21) Miss A Pugh, Miss J Pugh

(22) Walter Chapman, whitesmith

(23) Frederick Morley and Co., pawnbrokers

EAST SIDE from Fitzroy Street

(24) Fred Etheridge, fruiterer

(25) Mrs M Gates

(26) John Newman, printer

(27) William Loveday, whitesmith

(28) Charles Garner

(28a) W Scott and Son, house decorators

(29) William Russell Pate, builders and undertakers

(30) Frederick Collison, custodian of Cambridge and County Liberal Club

(31) C J Boyes, clerk Union Society

(32) Henry Negus, baker


(24) Eric W Ethridge, aged 2, was reported to have died 11.11.1918, probably from influenza.


1960s: The southern end of James Street was demolished in the development of the Kite. On the west side of the street nos. 14-23 were demolished; on the east side nos. 24-32 were lost.

James Street c.1964

James Street c.1970, nos 36-41 (MoC26/89/70)


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