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Malting House, Malting Lane

Little Newnham, Frostlake Cottage and the Malting House, Malting Lane (Malting House School)

History of the Little Newnham

Royal Commission Survey of Cambridge 1959: Little Newnham and Frostlake Cottage … it occupies the W end of a range of buildings along the S side of malting Lane of 18th cent. origin but very much altered, comprising houses, cottages, matings, last-houses and stables; malting House at the E end has been so extensively remodelled that it is virtually a modern  building.  The house was built early in the 19th century, enlarged later in the first half of the same century, and subsequently divided into two tenements: Little Newnham to the W., Frostlake Cottage to the E., the latter incorporating a lower range of early 18th century buildings on the E., probably originally stables, for the kitchen, etc.


Information about the school that was run at this site can be found here:



(The Malting House) Rev Hugh Fraser Stewart

Hugh Fraser Stewart

H L Pass, St John’s College

Rt Rev Bishop William Moore Richardson (late of Zanzibar)

William Moore Richardson

Rev T Thompson, Caius College

Rev J F Buxton, Clare College


Early 1930s: home to the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.



(The Malting House) Mrs J Stewart, L D Stewart

(Malting Cottage) Miss A Nunn

(The Loft) George D S Henderson

(Frostlake Cottage) Meyrick C M Owen

(Little Newnham) Patrice E Charvet

(Church Rate Corner) Henry S Bennett


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