Capturing Cambridge
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10 (6) Newnham Terrace, Newnham Road

History of 10 Newnham Terrace

1871: (6)

Hesketh Hanson, 32, curate of St Botolph, b London

Jane A, 32, b London

Mary B, 7, b Grantchester

Wilfred J, 6, b Cambridge

Anna R, 4, b Cambridge

Mary M, 3, b Cambridge

Gertrude M, 1, b Cambridge

Reginald J, 3 mos, b Cambridge

Agnes Coarse, 17, housemaid, b Meldreth

Edna Grundy, 21, nurse, b Lincoln

Rosetta Watts, 22, cook, b London


1913: (10)

George Birtwistle, Fellow of Pembroke



Mrs J Lane



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