Capturing Cambridge
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Francis Crawford Burkitt

1 West Road (New Road), Westroad Corner / Gonville and Caius Hostel

History of 1 West Road

1871: (New Road)

Mary Cawcutt, 59, independent, b Cambs

Anne, sister, 53, b Cambs

Caroline, sister, 50, b Cambs

Peter Bird, 23, groom & gardener, b Impington

Sarah Canham, 20, housemaid, b Cambridge

Charlotte Savill, 16, cook, b Essex


1881: (West Road)



1891: (West Road)



West Road OS map 1903

1901: (1 West Road)




Professor F C Burkitt


1913: (Westroad Corner)

Francis Crawford Burkett, Norrisian professor of Divinity



Annie H Luxton, b 1878, guest house proprietor

Mabel J Luxton, b 1914, professional dressmaker (WVS)

Marjorie V H Hook, b 1897, guest house manageress

Marjorie C Coleman, b 1896, assistant inspector Ministry of Health insurance dept (Air Raid Warden)

Ellen W Wight, b 1872, private means

Johanna Blaschko, b 1873, private means

Thomas G S Combe, b 1911, university lecturer [writer on literature]

Rachel H Combe, b 1912

Constance A Edmunds, b 1888, private means

Zoe E Jenkins, b 1894, secretarial work LSE

Mohammed Abdul Muizz Nasr, b 1912, research student at University Library

Venetia M S Gowan, b 1893

Cecil H B Gowan, b 1884, captain RN retired

William J Tin, b 1901, medical student London

Edmund C Turton, b 1915, medical student

Juanita Turton, b 1913

Catherine N Fairbairn, b 1894, psychiatric social work

Alois Grunberger, b 1886, lawyer retired

Johanna Grunberger, b 1888, private means

Johanna Grunberger, b 1916, actress

Marcello Santos, b 1914, research physicist

Violet M Cornwell, b 1922, chambermaid

Sylvia J Pilsworth, b 1924, housemaid


1962: Gonville and Caius College Hostel 1/3 West Road


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