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5 West Road (New Road), West House / West House Hotel

History of 5 West Road

1871: New Road

Jabez Jay Chater, 36, nurseryman seedsman, florist, fruiterer and gardener, b Essex

[Jabez had purchased the Gonville Nursery in West Road in 1862. He died suddenly in his sleep 19th March 1873]

Harriett, 31, b London

Arthur Brand, 9, b Essex

Alice Harriett, 7, b Cambridge

Mary Eveline, 5, b Cambridge

Alexander, 3, b Cambridge

Emma Ann Duce, servant, 16, b Grantchester

The Gonville Nursery was bought by the firm of Lyles and Speed who had a shop at 15 Petty Cury. A few years later, re-named the Newnham Nursery, it was acquired, with the Petty Cury shop, by James Sanders under whose name the seedsman’s business continued into the 20th century.

1881: West Road

Charles Clay



West Road OS map 1903

1901: West House



Mary Clay

1913: West House

Miss Clay


Alice Clay, b 1859, private means

Edith Farrington, b 1898, cook

Elizabeth Glover, b 1895, parlourmaid

Mabel Cox, b 1895, housemaid


West House Hotel, Owen Tudor proprietor


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