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The Dolphin, Coronation Street

16 Coronation Street, The Dolphin

History of 16 Coronation Street

1798: James Gotobed, Cooper & Innkeeper (Universal British Directory)

1830: Jonathan Plumb (Pigot’s )

1839: Jonathan Plumb (Pigot’s)

(Daniel Clark is the brother of Jonas Clark at the Spread Eagle)

1851: Daniel Clark (Gardners )

1852: Daniel Clark (Slater’s)



Uriah Wilson, Milkman & Publican, 29, b Trumpington
Harriett Wilson, Wife, 25, Trumpington
Eliza Wilson, Daughter, 7, b Trumpington
Harriett Wilson, Daughter, 2, Trumpington
Frederick Wilson, Son, 1, b Cambridge
_ Wilson, Son, 1 month, b Cambridge


1869: Mrs Ann Thresker (Post Office Directory)



Ann Thresher, Publican, Widow, 48, b Grantchester
William F Smith, Boarder, Dealer, 32, b Tottenham
Matilda Peachey, Domestic Servant, 15, b Shelford


1879: William Mason (Kellys)



William Mason, Innkeeper, 43, b Ashwell Hertford
Emma Mason, Wife, 31, b Fulbourn
Arthur W Mason, Son, 4, b Cambridge
Sarah Smith, Boarder, Cook, 49, b Trumpington


1883: William Mason (Kellys)

1888: William Mason (Kellys)

1892: William Mason (Kellys)

1896: William Mason (Kellys)

William Mason of the Dolphin circa 1895



William Mason, 62, publican, b Rutland

Eliza, 63, b Lincs

Arthur W, 24, b Cambridge


1904: William Mason (Kellys)



Henry Darton, 37, publican, b Herts

Charlotte Ann, 37, b London

Elsie May, 9, b Herts

Doris, 7, b Herts

John Edmund Lovett, brother in law, 26, news agent, b Herts


1913: Henry Darton (Spalding)

1916: Frank Henry Helps (Kellys)

1933: Herbert James Stacey (Kellys)

The Dolphin, Coronation Street (MoC 136/62)

1962: The Dolphin Public House

15/4/1963: Cambridge’s latest jazz club in the dimly-lit cellar of the Dolphin public house in Coronation Street is fast building a reputation for modern jazz. Every Wednesday the resident group, the Percy Seeby quartet, backed during the interval by records, plays to a membership now limited to 100. Half an hour after the band starts the cellar was full and it was even difficult to climb down the dozen or so steps. Another popular item in the programme is poetry reading lead by Nigel Gordon. (Cambridge News)

The Dolphin, Coronation Street (MoC)

The Dolphin, Coronation Street (MoC140.71)



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