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Coronation Place

Coronation Place, St Eligius Street

History of Coronation Place, St Eligius Street


(1) John Burtsell


(2) Samuel Edwards


(3) William Watling


(4) Jo Arber


(5) Jeremiah Cates


(6)Charles Rickett


(7) Henry Gates


(8) Obadiah Barker


(9) George Parker, 51, gardener,

Elizabeth, 48, b Findon Sussex

George, 23, railway clerk, b Arundel Sussex

Willie, 12, b Cambridge

Henry, 15, railway clerk, b Cambridge

Rosa,  9, b Cambridge

Edith, 6, b Cambridge

The parker family had previously lived in Norwich Street

In 1901 the family were at 216 Mill Road.


(1) Walter C Bynge


Arthur L

Constance M

Evelyn Peters, sister in law, 11, b Cambs

(2) Samson Cox, labourer

(3) George Smith, coachman




(4) Emily Moons, 50, b Melbourne

Albert, 24, tobacconists assistant, b Cambridge

Grace, 17, booksellers assistant, b Milton

(5) John Crouch, 34, telegraph wireman, b Cambridge

Edith, 29, b Devon

Frederick, 6,  b Cambridge

Florence, 3, b Cambridge

Harriet, 10 mos, b Cambridge

Minnie, sister, 20, servant, b Cambridge

Emily Course, niece, 13, servant, b Cambridge

(6) Mary Conder, 40, widow, college bedmaker, b Dorset

Frank, 10, b Cambridge

Eliza Higgs, mother, 72, b Dorset

(7) Henry Gates, 54, coach smith, b Hants

Charlotte, 50, b Cambridge

Horace, 22, general porter,  b Cambridge

Rosa, 22, dressmaker,  b Cambridge

John, 17, general porter,  b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 14, cashier,  b Cambridge

(8) Clement Williamson, 41, college servant, b Haslingfield

Florence, 37, college servant, b Cambridge

Clement W, 15, in chemical laboratory, b Cambridge

Constance M, 12, b Cambridge

Stanley, 7, b Cambridge

Florence E, 2, b Cambridge

(9) William Tabraham, 49, coachman, b Haslingfield

Sarah A, 44, b Haslingfield

William J, 16, solicitors clerk, b Grantchester

Ernest, 15, drapers apprentice, b Cambridge

Bertha L, 13, b Cambridge

Cecil, 9, b Cambridge


(1) Walter Bynge, 39, coachman, b Dry Drayton

Louisa, 38, b Mepal

Arthur, 13, b Cambridge

Constance, 10, b Cambridge

(2) Samson Cox, 85, old age pension, b Grantchester

George Edmund Cox, grandson, 27, horticultural builder, b Cambridge

Minnie Cox, granddaughter, 25, b Hunts

Edmund George Cox, great grandson, 1.5yrs, b Cambridge

Harold William Cox, great grandson, 3 mos., b Cambridge

(3) George E Smith, 42, coachman, b Trumpington

Ellen Smith, 42, b Suffolk

Elsie F Smith, 14, dressmakers apprentice, b Cambridge

Frederick E Smith, 12, b Cambridge

(4) Edwin Cook, 35, college servant gyp, b Cambridge

Louisa Cook, 34, b Balsham

Edith Cook, 13, b Cambridge

Grace Cook, 11, b Cambridge

William Cook, 7, b Cambridge

(5) Frederick Dring, 44, labourer, b Cambridge

Esther, 51, b Trumpington

Nellie, 19, day servant, b Trumpington

Ada, 13, b Cambridge

(6) Mary Conder, 51, widow, college bedmaker, b Dorchester

Frank Conder, 20, laboratory assistant, b Cambridge

Francis Fromant, nephew, 19, gentleman’s servant, b Hackney

(7) William Belcher, 50, gardener, b Wallingford

Ada Mary, 43, b London

Vera Ada, 11, b Cambridge

William Victor, 9, b Cambridge

Harold Henry, 7, b Cambridge

(8) Clement Williamson, 52, college chapel custodian, b Haslingfield

Florence, 49, college bedmaker, b Cambridge

Constance, 22, b Cambridge

Stanley, 17, laboratory assistant, b Cambridge

Elsie, 12, b Cambridge

Arthur, 9, b Cambridge

(9) not listed


  1. Walter Bynge, coachman
  2. Mrs Cox
  3. George Smith, coachman
  4. Edwin Cook, college servant
  5. Frederick Dring, labourer
  6. Mrs Condor
  7. William Belcher, gardener
  8. Mrs Florence Williamson
  9. Miss Mary Charlotte Green

Arthur Leslie Bynge: Rifleman R/35247, 2nd Battalion, King’s Royal Rifle Corps. Killed in action 16th April 1918. Aged 20. Born St Paul’s, Cambridge, enlisted Cambridge. Son of Mr. W. and Mrs. L. Bynge, of 1, Coronation Place, St. Eligius St., Cambridge. Buried in CAMBRIN MILITARY CEMETERY, Pas de Calais, France. Section N. Grave 43. See also Cambridge Guildhall (St Paul’s Roll of Honour)


  1. Arthur E Tucker
  2. George Cox
  3. William Taylor
  4. Frederick Poulter
  5. Alfred Lucas
  6. Terence Mansfield
  7. Mrs F M Hines
  8. Miss Williamson


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