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11 Brookside

11 Brookside, 9 Trumpington Road

History of 11 Brookside, Trumpington Road

1871 9 Trumpington Road

John Stuart Jackson


Charlotte Neville, 72, living on own means, b Herts

Fanny Johnson, 39, housemaid domestic, b Lincs

Rose Milner, cook, 39, b Lincs


Charlotte Nevile, 82, widow, private means, b Herts

Amelia Sharman, 50, cook, b Hunts

Elizabeth Surry, visitor, 62, housekeeper, b Waterbeach

1913 vacant

27/11/1914 The Hospitality Committee for Belgian refugees has equipped four houses in which 55 refugees have been accommodated. They are ‘Scotsdale’ on Grantchester Rd where a Flemish priest has been lodged with nine members of his family and ‘South House’ Barton Road which houses 14 members of doctor’s family. A young lace maker and a family of eight from Louvain lodges at No.4 West View Newnham while at No. 11 Brookside there are 22 refugees from Malines and Ostend. In Regent Street a studio has been converted into a fair-sized reading room where Dutch, French and English papers are supplied. (Cambridge Press)


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