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Antony Carpen with Alice Wroe, founder of the Herstory UK project. taken at The Museum of Cambridge by Hilary Cox Condron.

Herstorian Antony Carpen and the Women of Cambridge

a search for our city's past

Antony Carpen’s prolific research, passion and information about the ‘Women who transformed Cambridge’ is helping to ensure the names of pioneers such as Florence Ada Keynes, Eglantyne Jebb, Daisy Hopkins and Clara Rackham are remembered.

“We’ve forgotten these women and that’s not right. The only story we’re telling to people who come to Cambridge is talking about splendid chaps in ivory towers. It misses out the fun stuff. It misses out those who people can relate to and the city’s struggle for social reform.” Antony tells Debbie Luxon.
Meet the Cambridge women history almost forgot
Cambridge Evening News. 5 September 2019

‘Antony’s mind! He’s like Cambridge’s Sherlock.’

Founder of the Herstory UK project, Alice Wroe, in conversation with Hilary Cox Condron.

Lost Cambridge: a search for our city’s past

Antony’s website and the Women of Cambridge

The Women Who Made Modern Cambridge

Filmed, produced and presented by Antony Carpen.
Filmed at Anglia Ruskin University at Open Cambridge 2019.


Alex Elbro of Cambridge Radio 105 with Antony Carpen, discussing his Lost Cambridge Project, how and why we’ve forgotten the stories of the women who made modern Cambridge, and how they’ve been rediscovered in recent years.
20 February 2021.

Celebrating the courage and resilience of the women of Cambridge

Cambridge Herstory is an archive and resource of Cambridge Women’s Heritage, celebrating the courage and resilience of the women of Cambridge.

The archive celebrates the contributions of women who have lived, worked and studied in Cambridge throughout the ages: from stories of women in history who changed the city for the better, and often contributed nationally to  stories of women currently living in Cambridge who make massive contributions to improve the lives of their friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, community members and our city every single day.

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If you would like to add to add a Cambridge Herstory blog – whether your story or someone else’s, or an event, art, culture or links celebrating the women of Cambridge, please contact Ari or Hilary.

Ariadne Henry
Community Development Officer, Cambridge City Council

Hilary Cox Condron
Cambridge Herstory Curator

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