Capturing Cambridge
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16 Emery Street

History of 16 Emery Street


Charles Fish, 58, telegraph inspector, b Norfolk

Susan, 63, b Norfolk



James Ellis, 39, shop assistant, glass and china, b Cambridge

Mary, 43, b Isleham

William J, 11, b Cambridge

Eliza Dockerill, 36, boarder, housekeeper, b Whittlesford

Louise A Dugham, 24, boarder, dressmaker, b Norwich

Ernest Matthews, 67, widower, boarder, living on own means, b Devon



James Ellis, 50, widower, assistant, glass and china, b Cambridge

Edith Walters, 21, housekeeper, b Cambridge

Horace Hopper, 19, boarder, confectioner, b Canterbury

Frederick Bishop, 25, commercial traveller, glass and china, b Lincoln



John Daisley, b 1863, widower, assurance manager, retired

Elsie L, b 1884, assurance agent

Rev Harold H Daisley (MA), b 1893, lecturer, University Board of Extramural Studies


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