Capturing Cambridge
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33 Emery Street

33 Emery Street, Ivy Villa

History of 33 Emery Street


Herbert D S Ellis, 34, barrister at law, b Meldreth

Emily V, 31, b Northants



Harry M Tunwell, 40, joiner, b Suffolk

Clara M, 38, b Birmingham

Jessie, 10, b Chesterton

Daisy S, 7, b  Chesterton

Percy W, 5, b Chesterton

Harry M, 1, b Chesterton

Elizabeth Bloom, 77, living on own means, b Cambridge



Rebecca Waters, 36, boarding house keeper, b Gamlingay

Elizabeth Waters, 21, sister, b Huntingdonshire

Ethel Mary McLean Leach, 36, boarder, post office clerk, b Cambridge

Alfred John Adams, 25, boarder, bank clerk, b Bedford



Miss Waters



Florence M Newling, b 1896, clerk, hosier and tailor

Ellen Newling, b 1884, domestic help

(Separate Household)

Phillis Benfield, b 1857, widow, unpaid domestic duties

Alice A P Benfield, b 1901, nurse, nursing home


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