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26 Glisson Road

History of 26 Glisson Road


C W Hayward


Charles Williams Hayward (died 1920)

Family history note from DT (2020):

My 1st cousin 3 x removed, Charles Williams Hayward lived there from at least 1901 until his death in 1920. It appears his two sisters, Margaret and Mary also lived there with Charles. Margaret died there in 1902 but it seems Mary, who like her sister never married, remained at the address until her death in 1949. A servant,  Nettie Green, also lived at the address with Charles and his sisters from 1901 until Mary’s death and was the recipient of Mary’s estate.

Charles was variously an iron merchant and a commercial traveller. Mary lived by independent means, like her sister Margaret. Prior to living at Glisson Rd the three had lived in Birkenhead, Cheshire and we’re all born in Carlisle, Cumberland, where their father Frederick Williams Hayward had similarly worked as an iron merchant. I believe another member family member descended from Frederick was a metallurgist and was involved in the programme to develop the bouncing bomb that was used in the dam busting air raids of WWII.

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