Capturing Cambridge
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13 - 19 Guest Road

17 Guest Road

History of 17 Guest Road


Henry P Hart, 36, manager cement lane, b Barrington

Florence, 33, b Leeds

Harold B, 13, b Barrington

Grace, 12, b Barrington

Oswald, 10, b Barrington

Harry R, 8, b Shepreth

Lilian, 2, b Shepreth

Elsie, 1, b Cambridge

Helen Baxter, 34, sister-in-law, b Leeds



Charles Bird, 65, a buyer on commission at private sales, b Saffron Walden

Harriet Bird, 52, servant, b Kirtling

Edith Martha Lilley, 17, servant, b Cambridge



Mabel H Clamp, b 1887, university lodging house keeper

Ganesh Prashad, b 1913, student of economics


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