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Gothic House, Gwydir Street

184 Gwydir Street, Gothic House

History of 184 Gwydir Street

David Parr House Visitor Centre

In 2018 the house was purchased by the David Parr House CIO and the ground floor now serves as the visitor centre for the David Parr House next door.



Frederick R Roots, head, 34, butcher, b Middlesex
Maryon, wife, 32, b Middlesex
Jane Clark, mother in law, widow, 73, annuitant, b Suffolk

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Thomas J Funge, head, 41, clerical officer revenue excise, b Cambridge
Mary A, wife, 39, b Cambridge
Rosa J, daughter, 15, scholar, b Norfolk
Edward, son, 9, scholar, b Cambridge
Alice, daughter, 5, scholar, b Cambridge

1901 vacant


E T Rendell


CIP 11.8.1905: Dennis Legg, 184 Gwydir Street, gave evidence in the case of Walter Grant of Bedford charged with altering declarations made under the Disease of Animals Act with intent to evade the swine fever regulations. Legg had sold 10 pigs to a Mr Hammond and made declarations in respect of 7. The case was dismissed.


Dennis Legge, 38, fish merchant, b Cambridge
Florence Ethel, 36, dress maker, b Cambridge
Benjamin Samuel Pont, father in law, 63, compositor, b Cambridge
Fanny Pont, sister in law, 33, dress maker, b Cambridge
Sydney James Pont, brother in law, 26, tailors assistant, b cambridge



William Bradshaw, b 1865, retired warehouseman


John Berry, Joan & family


Richard Miles & Camilla Chaudhary bought property from Joan Berry and renovated it.



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