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12 Willis Road

12 Willis Road

History of 12 Willis Road

In 1888 William Farrow Taylor came to Cambridge from Bury St Edmunds and founded the first evening paper in the City. The Cambridge Daily News was supported by the sales of the Cambridge Weekly News. By 1901 William Farrow Taylor had moved to Camden Place, Regent Street.


William F Taylor, 34, newspaper proprietor, b Suffolk

Alice L, 32, b Norfolk

William J, 14, scholar, b Bury St Edmunds

Alice M, 13, scholar, b Bury St Edmunds

Gertrude M, 11, scholar, b Bury St Edmunds

Blanche I, 10, scholar, b Bury St Edmunds

Cecil G, 5, b Bury St Edmunds

Archibald C, 3, b Bury St Edmunds

Clara A, 3, b Bury St Edmunds

Winifred M, 8 months, b Cambridge

William Taylor was founder of the Cambridge News.


Arthur V Clements, 32, solicitor on own account, b Haslingfield

Elizabeth A, 65, widow, mother, b Somersham

Elizabeth L Gravestocks, 29, general servant, b Haslingfield


John Dent, 68, retired compositor, b Cambridge

Emma, 65, b Cambridge

Herbert Spencer Dent, 34, printers reader, printing works, b Granchester

Arthur John Dent, 32, printers clerk, printing works, b Granchester

Margaret Emma Dent, 26 elementary school teacher, Borough Council, b Granchester

Frank Rutter Dent, 22, law clerk, solicitor, b Granchester


Gertrude Harriett Ward, b 1873, unpaid domestic duties, proprietor tailoring and clothing business

Gertrude Hayward Ward, b 1896, unpaid domestic duties


Miss O E Chandler

Willis Road c.1980, no.12 far left


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