Capturing Cambridge
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12 Willis Road

12 Willis Road

History of 12 Willis Road


William F Taylor, 34, newspaper proprietor, b Suffolk

Alice L, 32, b Norfolk

William J, 14, scholar, b Bury St Edmunds

Alice M, 13, scholar, b Bury St Edmunds

Gertrude M, 11, scholar, b Bury St Edmunds

Blanche I, 10, scholar, b Bury St Edmunds

Cecil G, 5, b Bury St Edmunds

Archibald C, 3, b Bury St Edmunds

Clara A, 3, b Bury St Edmunds

Winifred M, 8 months, b Cambridge



Arthur V Clements, 32, solicitor on own account, b Haslingfield

Elizabeth A, 65, widow, mother, b Somersham

Elizabeth L Gravestocks, 29, general servant, b Haslingfield



John Dent, 68, retired compositor, b Cambridge

Emma, 65, b Cambridge

Herbert Spencer Dent, 34, printers reader, printing works, b Granchester

Arthur John Dent, 32, printers clerk, printing works, b Granchester

Margaret Emma Dent, 26 elementary school teacher, Borough Council, b Granchester

Frank Rutter Dent, 22, law clerk, solicitor, b Granchester



Gertrude Harriett Ward, b 1873, unpaid domestic duties, proprietor tailoring and clothing business

Gertrude Hayward Ward, b 1896, unpaid domestic duties



Miss O E Chandler


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